Train Gifts In 2021 [Gifts Guide]

Be it, children, men, or women, all of them love trains. Trains are one of the biggest and ancient means of transportation. If you are a train enthusiast and looking to purchase a train décor or train gift, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have listed some of the best train gifts that you can either use as home décor items or you can gift them to your beloved ones. Let’s start the article.

Best Train Gifts

1. Train Night Light

Train Night Light

This train night is a 3D illusion lamp that shows an aesthetic train model when switched on. The specialty thing about this lamp is that it has 16 different colors and four different modes of color flashing. The lamp has a long-lasting battery, and you can access it by remote control from a distance. The LED light is smooth and harmless for the eyes. This lamp is the perfect birthday gift for kids as well as a home décor item.

2. Vintage Rail Road Crossing Signs

Vintage Rail Road Crossing Signs.

Vintage items have their beauty and significance. You must be familiar with the railroad crossing signs when you used to go to school. These metallic railroad crossing signs have the same vintage outlook, and you can use them as wall décor items. Its surface has a layer that will protect your wall paint. Moreover, they are a perfect gift for train lovers.

3. Wooden Rail Road Sign

Wooden Rail Road Sign

Woodwork has always been considered aesthetic and elegant. This wooden carved railroad sign got beautiful designs carved over it. It is made of solid pine wood and possesses a sawtooth hanger in the back that allows you to hang it wherever you want. Due to its elegant outlook, it will lighten up the surroundings of your garage, bedroom, and game rooms. It is a superb gift for train lovers.

4. Historical Train Pocket Watch

Historical Train Pocket Watch

Have you seen the old pocket watches in movies? Well, this train pocket watch is similar to that. It is a historical pocket watch that celebrates the anniversary of the first steam engine. It is sleek, durable, elegant, and a must-have item for every train lover. It features a Japanese quartz movement and a big stamp of a steam engine with antique finishing.

5. Cushion Cover for Sofa Couch

Cushion Cover for Sofa Couch

You can make your sofa look super cool with this aesthetic sofa couch cover that features a train drawing printed over it. It has a soft and durable material that makes it the best gift for train enthusiasts. It also features an invisible zipper. It will surely lighten up the surroundings no matter where you place them.

6. Tran Steam Engine Blanket

Tran Steam Engine Blanket

Blankets are the need of every house, but the ordinary blankets look very ugly and unattractive. This fleece blanket features a steam engine train printed over it with elegant and antique finishing. The blanket is very soft, lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Moreover, you can also wash it in the machine. It is a perfect gift for train lovers on any occasion like Christmas or birthday party.

7. Locomotive Engine Statue

Locomotive Engine Statue

This locomotive engine statue has crafted by resin and features an elegant, attractive, and antique bronze finishing. It has a lot of details similar to a real engine. You can place it in the kitchen, dining tables, and bedrooms. Due to its attractiveness, it is the best gift choice for every occasion.

8. Ticket to Ride – Game

Ticket to Ride – Game

Strategic games like the ticket to ride are a great way to improve your mental health. This game is the perfect source of enjoyment when played together with family and friends. It is an award-winning fast-paced board game. The game is made of cardboard and can be played by 2 to 5 players at the same. The game is all about building strategic train routes before your friends to earn more points, and you have to compete with your friends to grab the best train cards, which you can later use to build train routes.

9. Train Bookend Décor

Train Bookend Décor

Hold your favorite books in this train bookend, locomotive steam engine décor. It has sleek and elegant details. Moreover, it is a perfect gift for train enthusiasts on the occasion of Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries.

10. Mug for Train Lovers

Mug for Train Lovers

This mug has ceramic material and a blue and white theme. It got a beautiful train image printed on both sides of this mug. Unlike many others, this mug is microwave safe, and there is no danger in keeping it in a microwave. To preserve the train image, we recommend you hand wash it. It is indeed a special gift for train enthusiasts.

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11. Visual History of Train – Book

Visual History of Train – Book

Visual images always tell a better story than words. With this book, you can learn a lot of knowledge about trains, engines, innovation, and everything else in the form of images. Get it today and take your info on trains to the next level.

12. 3 Piece Bedding Décor Set

3 Piece Bedding Décor Set

Train lovers would love to see trains around them. This three-piece bedding décor set includes a sheet and pillow sham set. They have super comfortable, durable, and soft material. These are machine washable and look very attractive due to the aesthetic train images printed over them.

13. Retro Station Clock

Retro Station Clock

You probably remember the vintage clock at railway stations in your childhood. This two-faced station clock is similar to that. It features a classic vintage style and works silently without creating that uncomfortable ticking noise. It is a premium gift for train lovers.

14. Train Lamp

Train Lamp

This lamp features an elegant train statue with sleek details at the base. On the top, the cap features an image of a train printed over it. It is attractive and possesses a durable design.

15. Movie Watching Blanket

Movie Watching Blanket

Watching movies with friends in the winter holidays is the best time of the year. This blanket is crafted with high-quality and soft microfibers and will keep you warm during the movie. Moreover, it features a Christmas train theme printed over it. It is a perfect gift choice.

16. Rail Road Art

Rail Road Art

Lighten up the walls of your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or gaming room with these beautiful railroad art pieces. You can frame them and place them wherever you want because these art pieces are very durable and perfect for every room. You can also gift them to train-loving people.

17. Train with Grey Smoke – Wall Art

Train with Grey Smoke – Wall Art

This wall art features a steam engine train emitting a lot of grey smoke. Only true train lovers can feel the beauty of this wall art. It is durable and looks perfect in every room. That makes them the best gift choice for train lovers.

18. Train Ornament – Decorative Tabletop

Train Ornament – Decorative Tabletop

Increase the beauty of your tables by blessing them with this train ornament décor piece. This décor piece looks elegant with the beautiful ornaments present over it. Due to its attractiveness, you can gift it to your friends, parents, siblings, and relatives.

19. How to Train Your Dragon – Wall Clock

How to Train Your Dragon – Wall Clock

Simple ordinary wall clocks look quite dull and unattractive. You can brighten up your walls with this how to train your dragon clock wall. This wall clock got next-level aesthetics as it features a super cool design. That makes it the best gift choice for your loved ones.

20. Train Money Bank

Train Money Bank

Saving money is one of the best habits you can develop. This train money bank allows you to save a lot of money. It has a beautiful non-tarnishing design and features an antique finishing.

21. Christmas Wooden Train

Christmas Wooden Train

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for children, you can find nothing better than this wooden train. It features a Christmas theme, and each section has a different design, style, and color. It is a superb Christmas gift for children.

22. Vintage Train Wine Rack Bottle Holder

Vintage Train Wine Rack Bottle Holder

This Vintage Train Wine Rack Bottle Holder has a sleek outlook and features and holds the wine bottle for you. The vintage train design makes it an elegant table décor item. You can gift it to your train-loving friends and relatives on any occasion.

23. Train Necklace

Train Necklace

You can give this beautiful necklace to train enthusiasts on any occasion like birthday, Christmas, and anniversary. It will be a memorable gift for sure and will hold a lot of your memories. It is 100% stainless steel and has a sleek outlook.

24. Train Art Coasters

Train Art Coasters

Prevent your tables and laptops from staining by placing your bottles, drinks, and food on these coasters. These coasters are very soft yet durable. Moreover, they have elegant and sleek train art printed over them. You can enhance the beauty of your tables and kitchen with these coasters.

25. Train Engine Canvass – Wall Art

Train Engine Canvass – Wall Art

By placing this train engine, canvass wall art, you can brighten up the surroundings of your kitchen, bedroom, and guest room. It is of high-quality, very durable, and possesses beautiful train art printed over. It is framed and ready to be hanged wherever you want.
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