19 Best vegetable knife In 2020

When cooking in the kitchen, the knife is essential. You need a good vegetable knife when cutting vegetables so that you can use it conveniently. The Japanese knife, professional chef knife, and fruit are recommended below. Knife. There are many varieties to see if there is a vegetable knife that is right for you.

Professional 7 Inch Japanese Kitchen Knife

German Stainless Steel and the PRECISE curves PROTECT the form of your veggies for an impeccable appearance. The HIGH CARBON border is durable, NOT CORROSIVE, and lightweight that offers a COMFORTABLE & WELL-BALANCED grip – perfect for rocking back and forth across a cutting board without finger numbness.

If you’re searching for a professional chef or cooking enthusiast gift which has that next degree WOW factor, then you’ll love our Japanese 7″ Santoku Knife Set. The blade and handle are designed ergonomically in ONE-PIECE for increased comfort and less hand fatigue.

Vegetable and Fruit Knife

The blade guard protects the blades and ensures secure storage with space-saving rack function. Along with the edge will dry soon, even if it’s embedded in the knife because it’s hollow.

The black knife is with sharp and sturdy blades, best for vegetables, fruits, bread, and so forth, which can be easily trimmed with this knife — long-lasting sharpness as a result of the hardened blade – more robust than traditional stainless steel.

The kitchen helper is quite light and ergonomic. The soft-touch handle and the balanced weight of the blade and handle guarantee pleasant handling. They are perfect in hand. The combinations of black and grey are the most classic, particularly appropriate for the kitchen.

Blade made of acid-resistant unique steel with non-stick coating for cutting; handle made of comfy rubber; blade shield made from environmentally friendly PP plastic. Acid-resistant different blade steel with non-stick black coating and free of rust, become your healthful guard, stop the damage growth in the first line.

Japanese vegetable knife

It is a Japanese chef knife with a straight edge. Being a single angle, it is sharp enough to cut delicate vegetables without damaging, making paper-thin slices

German High-carbon stainless steel knife is rust-resistant, powerful, and edges holding. The handle is fashioned from Pakkawood for durability and moisture protection

This seven vegetable pro chef knife is lightweight with the right balance. Usuba is convenient to hold and move the vegetable knife. Unique blade form and ergonomic handle make this Japanese chef knife a terrific cutting mincing and dicing knife for create.

Vegetable Knife, 7 Inch

Carbon, no-stain stainless steel. Their taper-grind edges are polished by hand, and their substantial bolsters provide favourable balance. Black nonslip Santoprene handles make Genesis knives secure and comfortable in the grip, improving efficacy and safety in the kitchen.

Aside from Asian kitchen craft, this Genesis 7-inch usuba cleaver features a rectangular blade for super thin pieces and exact control over tough vegetables. A match to the Genesis chef’s, carving, and santoku knives, the piece is made in Taiwan with European elements and technology.

Kitchen Knives 7 Inch

Hollow edge design, oval-shaped hollow divots minimize suction of stuck-on food, slit cleaner, and faster. The traditional Santoku knife is nimble enough for just about all sorts of slicing dicing and mincing, readily to re-sharpen, honest and maintain. It is the all-purpose cooking knife.

Stunning distinctive design, premium German HC stainless steel empowers chef’s knives wear-resistant, durable, rust, and stain-resistant.
The durability and reliability of the kitchen knife are secured from the triple-rivet design that attaches the grip firmly on the blade. The ergonomic shape enables the ideal balance between the grip and the thin blade, ensuring ease of motion.

12-Piece Knife Set, Multicolor

Stainless steel knives have a cutting edge, a nonstick coating, which makes slicing more comfortable – and enables coding during food prep to prevent cross-contamination. In style-conscious colours for today’s design-smart consumer, these premium knives include fitting blade guards and ergonomic grips.

Japanese Cooking Knife,7 inches

Traditional Japanese fashion is the ideal selection for everyone, especially for the person who loves soups, salads, herbs, and veggies. In any case, to avoid food sticking together over the knife blade, we look it a thin and flat blade border, which makes it complete contact with your cutting surface.

Concerning the knife handle, we select a premium Pakkawood timber, which has a gorgeous look and is easy to keep. On the other hand, full tang design with a rivet linking the blade with the handle keeps the whole part firmly.

3.5-Inch Paring Knife, Black

Non-staining Japanese steel resists rust, corrosion, and discolouration. Precision made for strength and durability. The razor-sharp border makes cutting and chopping a breeze, and is simple to keep.

Ergonomic handles are made from Santoprene for relaxation and polypropylene for durability. It has textured finger points that provide slip resistance and a better grip. Each stem is designed to gently widen in which it meets the blade to help protect fingers.

Chef’s Knife

The Fibrox Carving Knife in the professional line of knives by Victorinox is prized by home cooks and professional chefs alike because of its comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handle and for the best weight and balance its extra-wide blade delivers. Having a razor-sharp advantage that rarely requires sharpening, this knife guarantees both simplicity and efficiency when slicing grilled and cooked meat or bigger foods.

Stainless Steel Sharp paring knife with Ergonomic Handle

The combination of German technology and quality materials result in a high-quality and dependable knife for diverse uses. This can be further boosted by the Pakka handle that is quite comfortable and does not slip easily.

The size and weight of the knife feel very balanced, and a user will not feel bogged down due to its importance. Additionally, it has excellent ergonomics that minimize the potential for experiencing cramps and aches on the finger, particularly after prolonged use.

Being a multifunctional knife, the Imarku 8-inch chef’s knife is acceptable for cutting applications in the kitchen. Additionally, it is rather classy as a result of its layout and chrome finish.

12-Inch vegetable knife

Mercer Culinary Ultimate White knives are made from high carbon Japanese steel that is simple to keep. Non-staining blades resist rust, corrosion, and discolouration, and razor-sharp advantages that make pruning and cutting a cinch.

Cutlery should never be washed in a dishwasher because extreme heat and harsh chemicals may cause the handle to deteriorate. Gently wash by hand with soap and warm water, rinse and dry with a soft towel.

Don’t soak or submerge in water for extended intervals or use chlorine bleach since it can pit and discolour the blade. Avoid soaking in aluminium or stainless steel countertops since these metals can cause pitting on edge.

Japanese Vegetable Knife 7

Sharp Blade with Hollow Edge Style
Experienced artisans handcraft the sharp edge into a mirror polish and manufactured for incredible hardness, flexibility, and rust resistance.

The term full tang means the knife/sword is one solid piece, and the two handle pieces are glued on to the blade, one on each side. This is the most durable and sturdy tang type.

Chinese Chef’s Knife

Seamless mix the form and work together to make a knife both beautiful and functional. It’s ergonomic design, trusted material, and professional craftsmanship are the most significant elements that thing for Fiery Phoenix Line.

TUO kitchen Knives comprising a narrow blade that provides for nimble motion is made to be elegantly modern and intentionally functional. Adopting special-forged high-carbon stainless steel using a high tech vacuum heat-treatment and nitrogen cryogenic tempering, it ensures that the intense strength, durability, flexibility, and maximum functionality.

4.5-Inch Vegetable Knife

Knife, Vegetable 4-1/2″ “Never needs sharpening.” Double serrated, high gloss stainless steel blade. Dishwasher safe.

Asian Vegetable Knife

From the heat of qualified restaurant kitchens into an easy meal for one, this chef’s knife works tirelessly beside you, complimenting your style, always reliable and eternally brutally robust. It’s your relentless gladiator from the unforgiving arena of home and professional kitchens.

The Gladiator collection blade is precision-forged from one piece of imported premium quality, high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel, ensuring that an ultra-sharp border with superior wear and stain resistance. Hand sharpened 14-16 degrees per side; the Dalstrong Gladiator Series Nakiri knife is a high-performance kitchen workhorse.

Featuring a gorgeous, ergonomic, and ambidextrous imported black pakkawood handle imported from Spain (laminated for additional strength, sanitation, and water/stain immunity ) that the Gladiator Series Nakiri knife is carefully designed for maximum comfort and manoeuvrability.

Classic 6.5”

Using its PakkaWood handle grip and corrosion-resistant steel blade, the 6.5-inch Vintage Nakiri Knife creates a durable, versatile and valuable addition to the kitchen, revolutionizing everyday tasks

In heat treatment, the metal is heated and cooled to modify its microstructure, bringing out its best properties. With exact heat treatment, blade steel gets finer-grained, which makes it harder and stronger, so blades can be thinner, sharper, and provide you a longer-lasting border. Shun’s specialists are, quite simply, masters of the heat treatment procedure.

7-inch Chef Knife Vegetable Kitchen Knife

We utilize brushed treated after mirror polished on the face to make a non-stick rust/stain/ rust resistant and easy-cleaning blade.

Safe for cooked, fruits and salads
NO Teflon! NO chrome coated! Those added for corrosion-resistant functions but likely melt in foods.

Pro chopping dicing mincing knife
Efficient at cutting various slice, dices, and chops, Nakiri knife can help you to prep large or smaller vegetables and fruits readily.

A wide square blade generates beautiful meat/fish/ duck flakes. This kitchen knife is indispensable in Asian foods.

18cm Vegetable Knife

CROMOVA 18 is steel, using a particular combination of molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium. The specific mix is our trade secret, but the steel was designed to be tough enough, so the knives retain their sharpness, yet soft enough to sharpen with a whetstone. The high chromium content provides the knives excellent resistance to staining and rust.

Effort Saving Kitchen Knife

Physics design, manage rasied and traction moved forward for short force-distance and make it more effort saving for using in the kitchen
Completely hand made a wooden handle for improved durability and long-term usage.

This specialist 8″ chef knife can easily manage your everyday kitchen tasks of chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing of fruits, vegetables, and many meat varieties.

Vegetables Cut Meat/Fish Fruits

Terrific steel to the regular use of any chef. With an HRC of 60+/-2, it is going to require an angled edge and wait for long enough to help prolong the life of your knife (w/ overall maintenance). The clad dimple allows for easy food release while slicing or dicing. This blade is perfect for vegetables, fish, fruits, and meats. [Please refrain from cutting frozen products because this might detriment the knife’s edge.]

Ergonomic Design- Style inspiration is made to reveal the particular attractiveness of chef’s knives. While focusing on comfortability and efficacy for the regular chef. Blade length is 18.5cm, and handle length is 15.3 cm with an overall length of 33.8cm.

8-inch Professional Chef Knife

Precision Forged and Wear Resistant: The chef’s knife blade made from high-carbon stainless steel X50Cr15MoV and in 56+ Rockwell Hardness. Which improved the chef knife durability, extremely corrosion, and rust-resistant, long-lasting edge, fantastic toughness.

Ultra Sharp Edge: The blade ended a hand rock completed within 14-16 degree angel each side for optimum sharpness and minimal cutting resistance. Fantastic for cutting and effortless cleaning.

Paring Knife

With the paring’s contemporary, elegant, and ergonomic design, this multifunctional kitchen knife is acceptable for any task. Whether this is chopping potatoes, mincing onions, or slicing fruit, you can be certain that the anti-slip coating and finely crafted handle will help keep your hand balanced and firm.