25 Unique Vintage Gifts In 2021

You have probably heard that “old is gold” and “all that glitter is not gold” A vintage souvenir is more valuable and unique than all the glittery gifts of the modern era. The best thing about vintage gifts is that they will never lose their value because their value keeps increasing with time.

In this article, we have listed some of the best vintage gifts that will beat every single gift out in the market, and you can purchase them for your loved one without a single thought.

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1. A Metal Libra

A Metal Libra

This Metal Libra makes it to the top of our list due to its eye-catching and elegant design. It can be used for multiple purposes and feature spacious trays with a decent vintage and sleek finish. Whether you want to place it in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, it will fit perfectly everywhere. You can even store perfumes, jewelry, and towels in its trays.

2. Vintage Leather Notepad Diary

Vintage Leather Notepad Diary

You cannot ask for a more classical gift than this multi-purpose vintage notepad diary. It features high-quality blank papers that enable you to draw sketches, write your daily thoughts, or use it as a photo album. It is very durable and perfectly fits in your school bag or handbag. Moreover, it features a built-in small binder that allows you to add more pages of your choice.

3. Set of Rustic Poster Frames

Set of Rustic Poster Frames

If any of your loved ones are fond of photography, posters, and paintings, there could be no better gift for them than these wooden rustic poster frames. They have an elegant design and vintage finish. The package comes with essential hardware to provide you with hustle free vertical or horizontal hanging. You can preserve your favorite photographs, posters, and paintings in these frames.

4. Classic Vintage Mickey Mouse T-Shirts

Classic Vintage Mickey Mouse T-Shirts

Everyone grew up watching Mickey Mouse, and it always reminds us of the golden old days of our childhood. So why not gift a classic vintage T-Shirt to someone you love? This T-Shirt rewinds your good old memories. The T-Shirt is 100% high-quality cotton fabric. It is an officially licensed Disney product and features a vintage character of Mickey Mouse.

5. Pink Jewelry Box for Women

Pink Jewelry Box for Women

All the women love jewelry, won’t they? This pink jewelry box is a perfect vintage gift for women. Made from high-quality synthetic leather and velvet lining plus the box features numerous small compartments that allow you to store more jewelry collections. It contains a built-in mirror, 13 earring hangers, eight pairs of stud earring holders, two pouches on the sides, three drawers, three compartments, and a row of ring rolls that can store up to 18 rings.

6. Classic Wooden Vintage Radio

Classic Wooden Vintage Radio

Before television and the internet revolutionized the world, the radio was very famous. This wooden vintage radio features Bluetooth, and it has an elegant handmade wooden exterior. It is easy to use and powered by a standard North American Power Plug. Moreover, it has a 5-year warranty & support from Clear Click to ensure smooth working.

7. Wooden Sun Shine Music Box

Vintage Wooden Sun Shine Music Box

This vintage wooden music box plays the “You are my Sun Shine” melody. It is made of well-carved wood and possesses a beautiful design. It is small in size, lightweight, and easy to carry around. It works without a battery, so you can hear that relaxing melody as long you can keep cranking the handle. It is a superb gift for Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries.

8. Guitar Shaped Hooks

Vintage Guitar Shaped Hooks

All of us must be fans of pop music and have surely dreamt about owning a guitar in our teenage. These vintage guitar-shaped decorative hooks are a great gift for music or guitar lover. The package comes with three well-built and durable guitar-shaped rack hangers that you can place in any room you want.

9. Coca Cola Vintage FM Radio

Coca Cola Vintage FM Radio

We all grew up drinking that chilled Coca-Cola bottle. This FM Radio features the vintage coca cola theme that resembles the gone era and provides you easy access to music. It is easy to use, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

10. Camera Photo Album

Camera Photo Album

Do you remember the photo albums we had in childhood and how we used to save our photos in them? Well, this vintage camera photo album is a perfect glimpse of that. It has durable quality leather. This photo album is a unique thing you can add to your collection of vintage items.

11. Camera Pen Pencil Holder

Camera Pen Pencil Holder

Today’s kids do not know about the vintage cameras and the excitement behind clicking a photo of you in those times. This Vintage Camera Pen Holder has a striking resemblance to those vintage cameras. It is an excellent gift and enhances the beauty of your bookshelves, study tables, and your office desk.

12. Paper Board Suit Cases

Paper Board Suit Cases

You are probably familiar with the paper board suitcases used in the ‘90s. This paper board suitcase has a vintage design, and it is very spacious and got room for storing a lot of stuff. The package comes with three cases of different sizes. You can use it daily as it is very durable and you can also use it as a decoration piece.

13. Ceramic Butter Dish

Ceramic Butter Dish

This ceramic butter dish is large, and you can store more and more butter in it. It has durable material and has a unique vintage design over it. It is easy to handle and clean.

14. Desk Lamp

Vintage Desk Lamp

When did you last see a desk lamp? Want to refresh those old memories? This vintage desk lamp has a vintage design. It is durable and of high quality.

15. Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Cocktail and Margarita Machine

This premium cocktail and margarita machine have an elegant design. It is simple and easy to use. It has a push-button that ensures a smooth and steady flow of drink and is easy to clean.

16. Socks for Women

Vintage Socks for Women

These colorful vintage socks will remind you of your childhood. They are very comfortable, flexible, durable, and come with five pairs in each package. They are an excellent gift choice for women.

17. Leather Journal

Leather Journal

This leather journal has a vintage embossed on it. It features handmade paper, and you can either give it as a gift or use it for recording your daily thoughts, daily plans, and other stuff.

18. Beer Can Glass

Beer Can Glass

If you have friends that love to drink beer, this vintage beer can glass might be a perfect choice. It has a stylish vintage design and high-quality glass.

19. Wall decorator

Wall decorator

This metal tin sign got a funny quote over it. You can place it in your washroom, kitchen, bedroom, and even classrooms. It is perfect for decoration and an excellent gift if you want to bring smiles over someone’s face.

20. Antique Vintage Mirror

Antique Vintage Mirror

You can guess the value of this antique vintage mirror if you are more into classical antiques and vintage stuff. Made of metal, it features superb craftsmanship. It has two mirrors inside and is an excellent gift for women.

21. Metallic Vintage Candle Holder

Metallic Vintage Candle Holder

This metallic candle holder looks classical wherever you place it. It possesses elegant handcrafted ornaments. You can put it on dining tables to get that romantic atmosphere in the room. It is a great birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gift.

22. 3D Notebook Journal

3D Notebook Journal

Nothing can beat this 3D Notebook journal when it comes to beauty and design. It has elegant 3D designs crafted all over it. You can write whatever you want in it. Moreover, it is a great gift choice for your writer, teachers, and student friends.

23. Comb and Hand Mirror

Comb and Hand Mirror

You have probably seen these vintage hand mirrors in vintage movie scenes. It looks beautiful with its excellent peacock pattern design crafted over it. This comb and mirror is a perfect gift for women and teenage girls.

24. Chef Knife Bag

Chef Knife Bag



This chef’s bag is very spacious, with plenty of room to store your many valuable knives. It has a durable, stylish high quality cotton fabric. It’s easy to clean and has security, durability and everything you need. This is a wonderful gift for your chef friends and culinary students.

A good set of knives is indispensable for every amateur and professional chef, made of lightweight, stain-resistant nylon for maximum protection against cuts, scratches and damage. With a total of 12 pockets for storing knives and kitchen utensils, it can easily accommodate a full set of professional knives. Ergonomically designed for easy carrying, the adjustable strap can be hung on your right or left shoulder.

25. Porcelain Mug

Porcelain Mug

These porcelain mugs are cute and beautiful. They have the elegant art of Evgenia printed over them. These mugs are absolute keepers as they enhance the beauty of your dining table and kitchen. They are a great gift choice for women.

26. Portable turntable

Portable turntable

Portable turntable. The turntable is perfect for people who like vintage and offers not only the ability to play records. Featuring dynamic full-range stereo speakers, Bluetooth connectivity and uxx input, this is a classic. With a variety of colors, it will give you great gifts.

The turntable makes your records spin. This two-speed turntable provides quality sound, and the built-in Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly transmit your favorite music to the stereo speakers from your Bluetooth-enabled device. Easy to carry, so you can take your music with you everywhere.

27. Retro popcorn machine

Retro popcorn machine

Make the party very unique with the unique old-fashioned popcorn trolley. With this nostalgic popcorn maker, you can enjoy fresh, hot and delicious popcorn anytime, anywhere. With a built-in steering system and more features, this is truly incredible.

Pops up to 10 cups of popcorn per batch. Ventilated windows and a bright interior allow you to watch the popcorn pop. It includes an oil measuring spoon and a kernel measuring cup to ensure perfect popping every time.

28. Game Retro Series 1988 Edition

Game Retro Series 1988 Edition

It’s a brilliant game that was a favorite of the whole family that day.” If you want to get back to some of the old style fun, choose this excellent Hasbro game 1988 version. The fun of guessing all the items in the box can begin immediately.

1980s style, kids everywhere just sit back and play this classic mystery face game. Try to figure out another player’s mysterious character. In this retro version, all the classic characters are back. With game pieces and character cards, a new generation can play Guess Who? the game adults fell in love with as kids.

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