Welly First Aid Kits

The Welly First Aid Kit should be easy to find in your bathroom medicine cabinet, office kitchenette, glove box or travel bag. Ironically, because their containers and contents are covered in a variety of colors. Have everything you need for a big adventure or a small one. Put one on your back for hiking or camping, store one in your RV or car for road trip adventures.

Welly kits are available in a variety of sizes and styles, with the standard first aid kit pictured above. It contains. 48 standard flexible fabric bandages; 30 small flexible fabric bandages; 3 large fabric bandages; 12 waterproof bandages; 1 roll of tape; 5 non-stick pads; 10 wound prep pads; 9 butterfly strips; 5 triple antibiotic kits; 5 hydrocortisone kits; and 16 ibuprofen pills.

Other Welly kits include an excursion kit, a children’s travel medicine kit, the quick fix kit (featuring tie-dye and flowers), and my personal favorite, the body repair kit.

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Welly First Aid Kits
Welly First Aid Kits

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