What can you do on your 1 year anniversary?

It seems like only yesterday that you said “I do”, but a year has passed and now you are looking for first anniversary ideas to mark the occasion. Typically, your first wedding anniversary would be one of those “paper” anniversaries, meaning that you should celebrate by giving each other paper items. While we like this idea, we think it’s nice to break with tradition and celebrate your first anniversary with a memorable celebration.

Take a trip back in time

Do you ever wish you could relive the day you got married (only every day, right?) You can. A little. You can go back in time, to the place where you made your vows. If you were married in a hotel, you can book a room for one night. Even if no wedding is scheduled, you can request an additional wedding suite. If you are getting married at a restaurant, be sure to come back for dinner and maybe take home food from the wedding. If you reserved the cake, you should definitely enjoy dessert as well, or come back home and enjoy the top tier of the cake.

Enjoy your wedding cake in the most romantic place

It is customary to serve the top tier of your wedding cake on your first wedding anniversary. It’s a tradition that can be taken up a notch by finding the most romantic place you can think of to enjoy your cake. If it’s a moonlit beach, or the place where you had your first date, choose a place that is special to you and make it special.

Take a second honeymoon trip

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. However, if the peace and joy of your honeymoon break seems oh so far away, get out of town. It literally does. It doesn’t need to be as extravagant as your wedding (but it can be), it just needs to be a time of bonding and closure, creating memories to start the second year of your marriage and the rest of your life together.

Make yourself look gorgeous and enjoy a night out on the town

The last time you had your makeup professionally done or your hair done was for your wedding. (If not, we’re jealous.) So indulge yourself and get dressed up for the night. Book a room at a fancy restaurant or buy tickets to a show as a reason to get dressed up for a night out (not that you need a reason).

This is the ultimate night out

It’s not your typical Friday night of wine and popcorn. Consider the idea of a relaxing and luxurious massage at home (services like Zeel can deliver spa treatments right to your doorstep), sexy lingerie music, candles and more. You can ditch the take-out option and cook your favorite dinner together or take it to your favorite fine dining restaurant. You don’t have to leave your home (or your bedroom) to celebrate an anniversary you’ll remember.

Surprise yourself

After your pocketbook has recovered from the cost of wedding planning, celebrate your wedding anniversary with something special. It could be a left-handed wedding ring, the latest technological device, or something you purchased as a couple that will last a lifetime, or a piece of artwork, or an old one. It could be the first time you’ve pampered yourselves with something special in your years of marriage, so take the time to enjoy it and be confident that you deserve it.

Buy a set of couple tattoos

Have you ever thought about getting a set of couple tattoos? Your first wedding anniversary is the perfect time to buy matching tattoos. Buy tattoos that represent something that is important to both of you.

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