What hugs say about your relationship?

Did you know that how you hug your partner can reveal a lot about your relationship? There are many types of hugs. Each one tells a different story. The one that you use on a regular basis will best describe your relationship. This blog will answer all your questions about the different types and meanings of hugs. These are the types of hugs that guys love a lot.

1. Huge ‘Rest-On–Shoulder’

This hug is where a girl places her head on the shoulder of her boyfriend and they can converse for hours. If you love to hug your man this way, it will bring out a lot of love, warmth and understanding. You feel relaxed and at ease with his touch.

2. From the Back Hug

This hug has a ambiguous meaning. Your partner may be trying to convey that he is missing you and has been hugging you from behind. If your partner is a hugger to you from the back on a regular basis, then you can be sure that he wants you to feel loved. This also indicates that he is protective of you by wrapping his arms around your waist.

3. The ‘Grasp on Waist’ Hug

Here’s the answer to your question: “What types of hugs do guys love most?” This type of intimate hug suggests you have a close relationship with your partner. It is an expression of love, trust, and a lot of romance. This is a wonderful way to spice things up between you two. This hug indicates that your man is truly into you and wants you to embrace him.

4.’Never Let You Go’ Hug

This is a type of hug where two people hold hands tightly. The intense hug between a man and you when he hugs you with both his arms indicates that they are afraid of losing each other. This hug is also known as a deadlock hug. It expresses deep commitment, trust and a sense of forever togetherness. If you and your partner share such a hug, it is a sign that you are serious about one another. You see a bright future together.

5. The ‘Eye to Eye’ Hug

It is a sign that there is love in the air when two people look into each other’s eyes, hugging each other and looking in their eyes. This is a sign of true love and affection. If your partner hugges you in this manner, it’s a sign that they are serious about you and you will be forever in their hearts.

6. The ‘Slow Dance Hug’

This hug is about passionate love and romance between two people. The guy wraps his arms around his girlfriend’s waist while the girl wraps around him’s neck. It evokes high school romance. This hug allows your love life to grow and flourish if you and your partner do it.

7. The Perfectly Perverse Hug

This hug is a great way to show how passionate you are for each other. If your partner grabs you at your lower back and you hug them, this means your partner is open to sharing how you feel about him/her without feeling shame. This hug is also known as the “perfectly perverted hug” because it’s perfectly acceptable to share such a hug with your partner.

8. Wrapping around the waist

This hug involves both partners putting their waists together and wrapping their arms around the waists of each other. They can then lean back and gaze at each other.

This is an intimate romantic hug that opens up for the next move. Mattenson suggests that they can make it more sexually playful and start gazing into the eyes of each other.

9. Unilateral hug

A one-sided hug is when both the person receiving and giving the hug are facing each other. The hug is often given by one person while the other receives it. The receiver will usually be limp and have their arms at their sides. The supporter (or giver) squeezes the receiver tightly.

What does it mean? Often viewed as an unwanted or forced hug, the one-sided hug can actually be supportive. Colker states, “It’s okay to give in to your partner and have them support when it gets really hard.” The one-sided hug allows you to simply receive.

10. A hug and a pat on your back

This hug is something we all know, even though it isn’t romantic. If he’s your friend, the hug will be just that: a hug from a friend. The friendship is unlikely to last any longer.

If this is how you get your hug from him most often, it might be a sign that he doesn’t really like you. You may be more like a friend than a partner. Perhaps it is time to find someone who will truly be interested in you.

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