What surprise gift can I give my girlfriend?

Here are 10 affordable gift ideas for girlfriends that you’ll enjoy,SPEAK UP THE ROMANCE and Find out how to surprise your girlfriend.


If your girlfriend tells you she doesn’t appreciate flowers, then you’re probably not dating anyone, you’re dating Satan. The sweet gesture of an exquisite arrangement of flowers is a special. Even though they’ll be gone in the next week, having these beauties in the show and seeing them every day can bring a smile to the face of your girl. It will also stir envy among roommates and their hearts. Sure, you can pay a premium to florists for a high-end arrangement. But an inexpensive bouquet from the store does the job perfectly.


Okay, we’re all aware that this present is for the man, but women don’t mind dressing up and doing a dance to their husband. Your girlfriend won’t be upset when she opens a box filled with undies. She might squint however, she’ll nonetheless put the skivvies.


If it’s hot chocolate or hard liquor she’ll need to curl up with you and drink it down when you open your present. Making sophisticated cocktails is always a blast and romantic. Want to give your drink a bit more flavor? Consider adding some fun new glasses to pour your drinks in and also.

4. Accessory

It’s not necessary to buy diamond rings or expensive purses to show your affection. Scarves, hats, earrings or necklaces, socks – the options are limitless when it comes to affordable and stylish accessories for your girlfriend. They are available at a very low cost, but still in the style that she’s hoping you’ll appreciate. Target, American Eagle, Forever 21 and H&M all offer a variety of low-cost gifts for all of your gifting requirements.


Sure there are many occasions to go out for Valentine’s Day, but that does not mean that the remaining 364 days have to become Netflix and cool evenings. If she’s keen to watch the new romantic comedy that came out, go to the theater. If she’s a fan of fitness go to an exercise class like yoga or Zumba class. Yes you should be there with her. It’s an ideal time for bonding as well as a fantastic present for her.

“I really prefer spending time with my friends over an actual gift. Bring me to ice skate and let’s see the lights together , and then make a cup of hot chocolate! If I can keep his hand in mine and speak my heart out, I’m content.” — Sara Fazel, University of Tulsa sophomore


Not necessarily this kind of TLC. Do something that will make her life a bit more enjoyable. Cook her dinner, clean her laundry, or give her a massage on the back. These things are so inexpensive that they’re almost free. She’s as stressed as you, which is why you’ll always need a little TLC and greatly appreciated.


So long as the food isn’t fast, dinner can be an excellent surprise. You’ll be delighted that you made it happen, too. You can make a reservation but do not tell her the place you created it. Tell that she must be at the restaurant at a particular time and take her for dinner. This will make her feel in awe and more enthralled than she is used to. Don’t overhype it overly if the restaurant turns out to be an upscale sports bar or less than romantic.

8. FRAMED photographs

This is so easy that it’s amazing how many men aren’t aware of it. Take a picture off her Facebook (because there’s no way to upload photos, you don’t upload anything) and print one photo of the 2 of you. There aren’t any alcohol-fueled photo bombers in your background. No buddies or parents, just yourself and your. Print it, purchase an frame, and voila. It’s sure to be a hit with her. Easy and inexpensive. Boys will love it, surely?

“I love getting personal gifts, so if my [significant other] were to get me something like a picture of us in a cute frame I would really like that.” — Sandjya Iyer, Syracuse University sophomore

9. Her Favorite Things

Girls love receiving their most loved items as gifts because it will show how much you know her. Make a small basket or even an empty gift bag and fill it up with her most loved products like nail polish, candy and lip balm, gum, or even a bottle of wine for when she’s older. Candles, hair tie or a brand new phone case or even a small stuffed animal can also make excellent small present ideas. You’ll be delighted with this customized basket you’ve picked to give her.

Whatever you decide to pick you choose, your partner is sure to be enthralled by it. If you think about the gift, she will be delighted with it. It may sound cliché however it’s the idea that matters. Even if your card seems like a 3rd grader was making it or the gadget you select will end up in the bottom of her closet and you’ve brought a smile to her face and demonstrated to her that you are concerned.


“Guys aren’t crafty like girls.” “I don’t know how to be sentimental.” Growing up, boys. Girls love handmade things because it’s adorable and designed specifically for them. It’s true that you’re not Martha Stewart, but she’ll appreciate receiving something you’ve made yourself. It could be as easy as a gift card or something you created. Why wouldn’t she love an item that you created with your own hands?

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