18 Best windowless air conditioner In 2022

When you are interested in buying an air conditioner for your home, then you don’t need to have a window. There are many windowless air conditioners waiting for you. These windowless portable air conditioners are now at the top of everyone’s list. They are remote controlled and low weight, which makes them unique from the regular air conditioners.

If you are interested in buying a unique portable air conditioner for a windowless room, then you don’t need to go anywhere where you can choose a versatile variety. These air conditioners offer various benefits to the customers like remote control features, digital system, LED display, filter fan, exhaust, and many more. These air conditioners are best for removing humidity from the air and provide cool, fresh, and evaporated air. Here you can easily find out air conditioners with low price and less energy consumption as there are air conditioners from a small room to a bigger room. You can pick and choose according to your needs.

Choose the method of windowless air conditioner

Cooling capacity

If you want to get a windowless air conditioner, this is actually the main point to consider, because it is to adjust the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Energy consumption

We recommend that you find the version with the lowest energy consumption.
Look for equipment with an “Energy Star” rating mark or higher power efficiency ratio. In general, equipment using a reduced EER level 5 will definitely absorb more energy than equipment using a larger 10 level (more energy efficient).

Noise level

The sound level of the air conditioner is a factor worth considering, because no one needs a device that generates a lot of sound around it.

Dehumidifier function

In some versions of our list, windowless air conditioners are used as dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the surrounding air and provide warmth to the atmosphere.


With a version that uses a thermostat, you can run the AC at selected intervals. In most cases, the windowless AC with integrated thermostat will automatically shut down if the desired temperature is reached.

BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner

BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner

When you are facing this hot summer season and are in search of AC for your small room, then the Black+ Decker mobile air conditioner is waiting for you. For your small office, you don’t need to install avast AC permanently. This portable but power full air conditioner is providing versatile things in one place. It is easy to carry with yourself at college or trips to enjoy cooling.

It is the best thing to enjoy your day without care of hot weather at any place. You can get benefits from it on any visiting site. This mobile air conditioner works best on the area of 100 to 150 square feet that would be your bedroom, kitchen, garage or any place. The most convenient principle is that there are three features cool and dehumidifying air with less electricity use. This clean and dry air is a loveable element for customers. At the end of the season, you can easily save it by covering and store at a safe place.

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Pros Cons Key features
The three low, medium and high fans level
Have sleep mode to automatically control temperature
Four castor wheel increase mobility
Energy-saving AC
somewhat loud noise during operation

not cool large area

Cooling capacity is 100-150 square feet area
With1 year labour and 5-year compressor part warranty
3 level adjustable cooling fans
Double-hung and sliding window to move
Auto Sleep mode to save energy

Serene Life SLPAC8 Portable White Air Conditioner

Serene Life SLPAC8 Portable White Air Conditioner

There is a Serene Life model portable air conditioner that is an excellent cooling gadget in summer for portable air conditioner windowless room. Its lightweight makes it easy to pick and adjust in your room. The mobility makes it more preferable for costumers. It has the enormous cooling capability of 8000 BTU power in low energy consumption that is 900 watt.

It covers the 215 square feet area of your exciting place where you want to set it, and it can remove the moisture of air by 1.2 litter per hour. The less noise functionality makes it more preferable for its lovers. The exhaust hose fixation in the room makes it easy to remove heated air outside and pull fresh air inside the room. The remote control makes you able to control the speed and temperature of the air conditioner from a distance. You don’t need to go near to do this little task. The sleek body housing enhances the décor of the room.

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Pros Cons Key features
Quite operation
Dust or allergens purifier
Temperature control by remote
High cooling power for small space
Not enough to cool larger area

Fix to indoor for exhaust hose

With low 46.3 pounds weight
No batteries required to operate
With 290M3 per hour airflow
8000 BTU cooling power
1.2 liter dehumidifier per hour

Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a portable air conditioner that not only covers an ample space but also have a faster cooling capacity? Then this cooling machine is a best forever.

Although there are many air conditioner in the market, no one covers this 500 square feet area for the perfect cooling scheme.

It has a remote control functionality and digital way to adjust the range of temperature according to need. There is an automatic 24-hour timer that enables to save energy.

It has an evaporative capability and dehumidifies the air. Like other air conditioners, it does not make humidity and smell, but there is a carbon air filter that produces a fresh fragrance and purifies the passing air. It is the best one in the market for large rooms, schools and offices.

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Pros Cons Key features
Large cooling capacity
Cover larger area
Digital control system
Carbon air filters
Large size may be questionable

Not energy efficient

Suitable for large room
Cool about 500 square feet place
Remote control functionality
Extendable up to 60 exhaust hose
With 14000BTU cooling capacity

SHINCO Portable Air Conditioner 

SHINCO Portable Air Conditioner

When you want to spend your summer in a comfortable and fresh way, then you need to buy an air conditioner that you can carry with yourself anywhere. For this purpose, the SHINCO give a portable air conditioner with multiple advantages. It is susceptible for 200 square feet area with a vast 80000 BTU cooling capacity.

As the SHINCO aim is to give comfort to the user, so it has three things in one place that is a cold room quickly, fast speed fan and 60 pints dehumidify capacity. This dehumidify capacity prevent form growth of bacteria and mould due to the hot and humid environment.

It has a self-evaporative functionality that not only the cold room but also condenses water, and you don’t need to empty it all the time again and again.

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Pros Cons Key features
Self-evaporative system
Low energy consumption
Filters are washable
A not cool larger area

Large in size

For 200 square feet rooms
Vast 8000 BTU cooling capacity
LED display
60 pint dehumidify capability
Simple installation instruction

ROLLICOOL Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner

ROLLICOOL Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner

In this digital age, when every work is going on in a digital and fast way, then the availability of air conditioner in advanced features is excellent news. The Wi-Fi portable air conditioner is available for digital world lover. This air conditioner is with 10000BTU cooling capacity for 275 square feet space rooms or cabins. Through this small area cover air conditioner, you can save energy by cooling your required area.

In this Wi-Fi portable air conditioner, the best feature is to control temperature and set timer through voice. There is a mobile app ROLLICOOL to perform this digital functioning that is available on android and ios. The most significant feature for about this air conditioner is that you can control its speed, temperature, and position via mobile app. Even you can make it ready to cool the room before reaching home. The exhaust hose removes heat from room to outside and increases cooling inside the room. There is a 360-degree caster wheel that makes it easy to roll from room to place. So it is good for small windowless air conditioner rooms.

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Pros Cons Key features
Digital or Wi-Fi system
Control via mobile app
Alexa smart AC
Installation is easy
Energy cost is high but cover small area for cooling Wi-Fi enable control
360-degree rolling wheel
10000 BTU cooling
Control via ROLLICOOL mobile app

Black, PACEX390LVYN Portable Air Conditioner

Black, PACEX390LVYN Portable Air Conditioner

Nowadays, when everyone is busy, they are looking towards things that automatically control able. Also, in summer, the priority is to enjoy the relaxed environment. So there is a PACEX390LVYN Portable Air Conditioner in a black body with Bluetooth sensor that covers both needs. The Bluetooth sensor senses the atmosphere temperature and adjusts settings according to requirement. Also, the 14000 BTU capacity make the room more relaxed and calm. This sensor monetizes the temperature, humidity and person position to adjust itself automatically.

This air conditioner is the only one that can work own by according to your room humidity and temperature to make the room relaxed and comfortable for you. Its advanced technology saves 30% energy by providing more cooling to 700 square feet space. It has a noise reduce ability up to 4dbA. Its shape and black colour looks more attractive and help in room décor.

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Pros Cons Key features
Suitable for larger rooms or places
Save 30 % energy
Bluetooth automatic sensor control temperature
Fast fan for good cooling effect
Available only in black color Weight is 83 pound
With 2 year warranty
Remote control function
Require battery
Bluetooth link

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

This low weight ARC-148MS portable air conditioner is a useful cooling gadget with 12000BTU cooling capacity that keeps 450 square feet room cool and comfortable for the user with o humidity. This dehumidifier ability prevents the growth of bacteria and mould by the 3M washable silver filter. The self-evaporating system is also helpful to recycle moisturizer and to avoid condensation. It has auto-restart functioning that enables it to restart automatically if a power outage occurs. There is a timer that is for 24-hour operation. The timer work to adjust the temperature between 62-88 degree with 71pintsper day dehumidifies ability.

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Pros Cons Key features
Available in multi colours
Auto restart system
Self-evaporating ability
High cooling power
Have dual hose for fast cooling
Limited warranty

Less air flow

Available in multi colours
Little weight 73 pound
Limited one year warranty
Remote control

Basic 14000BTU portable air conditioner

Basic 14000BTU portable air conditioner

If you are looking for an air conditioner for your compartment and small home with vast cooling capacity, then you don’t need to buy the lower cooling capacity window air conditioner. There is a small size portable air conditioner with 14000 BTU cooling capacity. It not only covers the 550 square feet room space but also make it easy to carry. You can easily drag it anywhere through the rolling wheel. Its window with an exhaustible hose makes it more convenient for customers. The adjustable directional fan can set according to own need.

It has a washable filter that clean passing air. The most important features are its alert that aware that now filter needs to wash.
Three cooling speed settings can control via remote from any place. You don’t need to get up to do this.

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Pros Cons Key features
Have expandable outtake hose
LED display
Adjustable fan according direction
One year limited warranty For up to 550 square feet room
Window to exhaust hot air
Have adjustable directional fans

Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000BTU portable air conditioner

Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000BTU portable air conditioner

When your room is medium size then why you are trying to install a larger air conditioner, this Honey well air conditioner is best for cooling a medium-size room about 350-450 square feet. If your mood is to enjoy the cool breeze with dehumidifying air without adjusting temperature, then it has a fan to the full fill your need.

There is a washable filter that protects from dust to save the product and increase usability. It has an exhaust hose length of 12 to 47 that circulate air by pushing warm air and pulling fresh air quickly through 10000 BTU cooling capacity. If you are looking to buy a low coast air conditioner with the best quality, then MN10CESWW AC is the best choice for you.

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Pros Cons Key features
Save energy
Filters are washable
Easy to store and maintain
Easy to move
Warranty is not good For 350-450 square feet
Remote control functionality
Energy saving timer

What is Windowless portable AC?

The windowless AC is one that does not need any window for installation because it has its installing kit. You can easily hang out it on the wall.

How Do a Windowless portable AC Work?

It works by replacing the hot air of the room with fresh air. The hot air moves out through the exhaust hose.

What space requires for cooling via Windowless Portable AC?

The small size room can cool by small AC like for 250 square feet, a 6,000 BTU AC and for a 400 square feet a 12,000 BTU AC is enough.

What is the advantage or disadvantage of portable windowless AC?

The windowless portable AC is advantageous in many ways, like easy to roll from one place to another, function control via remote, no need of widow, dehumidifying ability, fresh air, washable filters, extra cooling power, low weight, easy installation, and many more. These are cheap windowless air conditioners. But some of them are not energy efficient and have a limited range of cooling area.
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What is the cost of windowless air conditioning prices?

The specification and size of the unit will affect the operation of a windowless air conditioner. Larger windowless air conditioners will be more expensive than smaller models. In addition, these units will include a variety of options, including energy efficient technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, and will add to the price of the unit.

Some windowless air conditioners can be quite affordable, costing around $300. However, some models with more features can be much more expensive.

How long does a windowless air conditioner last?

With proper maintenance and care, a windowless air conditioner can be expected to last around 10 years.

How do I store my windowless air conditioner when it is not in use?

If the unit is not in use, make sure you keep the air cooling unit out of direct sunlight. It can be stored in a wardrobe, your basement, or some other cool and dry place where humidity and sunlight are kept to an absolute minimum.

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If you’re looking for an air conditioner that will make your summer more comfortable and relaxing, then you don’t need to spend your money on a regular, high-priced air conditioner. These portable air conditioners, being light in weight, are easy to carry in both indoor and outdoor locations. For small houses and cabins without windows, it is the best opportunity to buy windowless air conditioners. Their cooling capacity covers the required area with low energy costs. One of the great principles of these air conditioners is that they filter the air, replacing unpleasant odors with fresh and cool air. The dehumidifying ability prevents the growth of bacteria and mold by removing humidity and heat. The remote control feature makes it easier for customers. So you can get more benefits from these portable air conditioners.

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